Frequently Asked Questions

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What payment options do you accept?

As stated on our homepage, we currently accept payment via Paypal, in the form of direct Paypal payment, credit card through Paypal, or debit card (through Paypal). We also have some Payment Plans available. Please see our Payment Options section for more details.


I am interested in Special Consideration Consignment. How do I request this?

First off, you must supply items for our Ye Olde Treasure Shoppe to sell. Once you have established yourself as a long-term seller with a good reputation for supplying quality items in a timely manner, and with few or no customer issues or complaints, you can contact the owner of WildFlower Herbals & More and request the opportunity to be part of our Special Consideration program. If you are accepted, you will be given your own separate page on our site, at the same 25% commission rate, but with the ability to provide a specific website address for customers to find your items.

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