Living Bones Necklace

Inspired by the most familiar pieces of Brennan's jewelry (aside from her dolphin ring) in the entire show, put together in one piece. One is the interwoven, nomadic designed ring that was her mother's, which Brennan always wears on her right ring finger. I've translated that into a nomadic link for the second piece of jewelry -- Brennan often wears a three-tier chain necklace, plain in design. While it's something she's worn many times over the series, it was first really put in the spotlight in "Foot in the Foreclosure," when Booth (endearingly embarrassed and trying to avoid discussing his grandfather's parting advice) compliments her on it. After that, I counted it at least a dozen times over the following seasons -- especially throughout seasons 7 & 8, when it seemed to feature so regularly, I assume it had to be deliberate. I took the liberty of stylizing it a bit, with fancier chain and the show's iconic skulls.

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